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Perfect for Agents & Claims Adjusters
(Independent, Staff, Public, and Catastrophe)

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  • Online Practice Simulator​
  • Online Practice Simulator​

  • Xactimate Exposure (10 Hours of Video)
  • The software every adjuster uses. You'll see the basics Free. $321 Value

  • 40 Hour Property & Casualty Course
  • State-Approved Course to Help You Pass the Course

  • Georgia, Florida, Texas
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Use this to get your adjuster license to work Catastrophe Claims or to work as an Independent Adjuster, Public Adjuster, or An Insurance Agent.

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Perfect for ALL New Claims Adjusters
With No-Experience

Quickly Join America's #1 Career That Pays $37.50/HR+ (without a Degree)

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Here's what to do.

Take your skills from BEGINNER to PRO with the ultimate adjuster success master-course.

Confused about what course to take? We Understand. Don’t be. we guarantee we’ll provide you the right course to get the right license no make what state you live in)

Make Life Changing Money

Grab one of the 348,799 claims adjuster positions that exists in the U.S. according to The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Quick Facts: Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators

2019 Median Pay

$66,540 per year

$31.99 per hour

Who Does This Program Work For?

We understand. There are many terms, but rest assured rather you want to work catastrophes, for the insurance companies, or for the public, at the desk or in the field, Our team works to ensure your course will help you get licensed. 


Section 0

How to Study so You Pass Right Away
Researching the data

Section 1

The History of Insurance

To see a lesson-by-lesson breakdown of the course curriculum, click the button above.

A Career in Claims Adjusting Unlocks Your Potential for Making Life-Changing Money!

Yes, Claims Adjusting Unlocks Life-Changing Money Without You Having to Go Back to School. 

Done In Days, Not Weeks

Complete Easy To Follow Lessons That Move Quickly… Self-paced videos allow you to whiz through program material, so you can finish without delay!

high paying

And... 6 High-Value Bonuses

Xactimate Training Videos + 2 Months of Xactimate ($963 value)

You will learn how to use Xactimate
You will learn which tools are best with Xactimate
You will learn software every adjuster uses

Resume Review from TopResume ($299 Value)

Get Your Resume Read...
You will learn to search the right websites
You will learn which jobs to apply to based on your skills
You will learn how easy it is to get your resume through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

How to Earn Using Xactimate W/O A License or a Deployment ($388 value)

WATCH! These videos will change your mind about how to earn money as a claims adjuster.

Access To The Adjusters Only Facebook Study Group ($297 Value)

Join the members only Facebook group and get your questions answered by me personally, as well as hundreds of other Financial ID members! This group will provide regular ongoing value, even years after you've enrolled in the course.

How to Get Hired: Assessment Training Videos ($197 value)

4 Videos
How to Beat GEICO's Assessment Test
How to Beat Travelers Insurance Hiring Assessment Test
Resume Assessment Test
Coinsurance Assessment Test

Exam Practice Questions & Simulator ($47 value)

1000's of Practice Questions
Mutiple Topic Covered

Lets Get You Licensed

Think about how much you'll love:

Ebahi Living Life

Doing what you love for a change

Trust me… I once knew the feeling of working an uninspiring job.

Running your own business and not working for someone else

A must for those who like to sleep in...

Not requiring much upfront cost

Less than $500 startup costs total including all content needed to be successful, the rest depends on you!

Working in an up-and-coming Adjusting niche

So you won’t have to fight for your life like many adjustering consultants do

Here's what some of our hundreds of students are saying...


"Come on board with Ebahi."

- John Mesko

"Superbly done, informative and concise. Ebahi compresses the most useful information into the shortest time possible, which I really appreciated. It's aggravating to find a useful video that stretches 5 minutes of info into an hour, and Ebahi does the opposite."

- Robert Gallo

"As Project Manager of Luxury Contractors, I highly recommend such a great company as Major Adjusters. Ebahi is incredibly helpful in my claims process. Not only does she provide work for my team and I, but also help with other claims that I have for my business".

- Alain Oramas

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Although I am extremely confident you will find the 40-Hour Adjuster Course to be worth every cent, your satisfaction is extremely important to me, which is why I’m offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel you received the value you paid for, simply contact me within 30 days for a refund. No hard feelings!


Your ticket to making money as an Adjuster.

If you follow the course step by step (and actually implement what you’ve learned), you’ll make back the cost of the course from your very first adjusting deployment!  The knowledge is yours forever.

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Adjuster Boost


Perfect for Claims Adjusters
(Independent, Staff, Public, and Catastrophe)

Use this to get your adjuster license to work Catastrophe, Staff, Independent, Public, or Agent.

Adjuster Elite


Perfect for ALL New Claims Adjusters
w/ No-Experience

"Come on board with Ebahi!​"
John Mesko
6-Figure Adjuster
"Our income boosted to an extra $12,000 by working with Major Adjusters, wow!"
Robert Gallo
Business Owner
"Major Adjusters Got Me There. The First Deployment is Chaotic. A real nightmare but getting $533/day Put Me On Track. I Would Not Have Gotten There without Major Adjusters."
Albert Summons
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Here's what some people are literally saying about US...

Frequently Asked Questions

The information in the course applies to ALL levels of the adjusting career understanding (however I would suggest you consider having at least a basic, general understanding of adjusting like what it is, what it is for, and why you even want to learn it).

It’s not automatic, as we’ll be researching the best course from you. You’ll have your course within 24-48 hours. 

If you have any questions, please email us directly at hello@majoradjusters.com and we will help you.

Simply email us at hello@majoradjusters.com and we’ll get back to you with the next steps for doing business with us!

Members Get Complete Support

Please use the Customer Support Button on this page. You’ll be happy you did. 

Section 2

Everything you need to know about Auto & Property Insurance 

Section 3

Insurance Policies and Provisions

Section 4

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Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

After Your Licensed