That’s Going to Leave a Mark

Summer time. Time to Grill. Here’s what public adjusters see on a daily basis… people have their grill or their fire pit, just a little too close to the house.  Look here, we’ve got a typical gas grill, set up not too far away from a vinyl-sided house, the grill gets too hot, chicken catches fire, […]

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

Did you know… The average roof cost in America is between $8000 – $10,000. Hello, everybody, this is Bill, The Adjuster, with a Smart Claim Tip that almost everybody has, mending a roof. If you live on a property, if you live in a house with a roof, most likely you’re going to have concerns. […]

What is a Field Adjuster and a Claims Adjuster?

Field Property Claims Adjuster

Are you planning to become a Claims Adjuster? or perhaps interested in the role of the Field Adjuster.   In the beginning, I had so many questions about getting started as a claims adjuster. All the options left me confused. Those options included:   Field Adjuster Desk Adjuster Property Adjuster Auto Adjuster Public Adjuster Independent […]

Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks (PUBLIC ADJUSTER)

Family Time at Dinner

Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks There are major advantages of being a property damage inspector that often goes unnoticed, or is rarely mentioned. If you like working alone without someone standing over and being your own boss, then check out how my morning routine went. I rode around this morning (practicing social distancing) while taking […]

Holding a Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster License

how to become an insurance adjuster for state farm

Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster License Requirements Do you live in New Jersey? Ohio? GA? Kentucky? Due to the fantastic lies told on IA Facebook Groups I decided to create this post to clear up the great debate/question: Can I have a public adjuster license and an independent adjuster license? You see here’s the thing, […]

Passing the State Farm Certification

State Farm Estimatics

State Farm Certification: Required or Not? First, understand to work for State Farm, you must complete their State Farm Certification which includes multiple certifications. All adjusters who want to work property claims with State Farm must complete the Estimatics Exam. What is Estimatics? It’s a certification specifically, it’s required for the claims adjuster property job. […]

Equal Pay for Female Claims Adjusters

how to be an insurance adjuster

Equal Pay for Female Claims Adjusters It’s ladies’ night if you’re considering a career as a female claims adjuster! I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again: “this is a great career for women“. Especially women with families! I know it can be hot and uncomfortable outside but don’t forget you are working […]

Insurance Adjuster Pay or Claims Adjuster Salary

Claims Adjuster Salary - Earn $60,000 or more per year

Insurance Adjuster Pay! Wanna know? … Really! How much can the Insurance Adjuster Pay or Claims Adjuster’s Salary? After reading this blog, you will know how much an Insurance Adjuster Pay and can calculate how much an Independent Adjuster can make per year? When a disaster hits, the Insurance Adjusters are the professional loss experts, […]

How Insurance Adjusters Are Handling Reopening?

Onsite Job Training

How Insurance Adjusters Are Handling Reopening? How insurance adjusters are handling reopening? For months, Dr. Jewel Crawford and her 101-years old mother labored to maintain their home and update it to match their growing family needs in Jonesboro, Georgia – painting bamboo wooden floors, appliance updates, and finishing the basement. From great-grandchild to in-laws, everyone […]

The Role Of A Public Adjuster

Onsite Job Training public adjuster

The Role of a Public Adjuster What is the role of a  public adjuster, and what does this mean to you? Let’s examine a real-life situation. After limbs crashed into her historic home located in Atlanta’s West End during a horrific storm in September, her laundry room was destroyed, the lights smashed, and support walls […]

Your Roadmap to Adjusting

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