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Is the Caliper Assessment Test Valid? (Read Below to Discover) The Following Text is a Comment From Reddit Discussing the Video Above Says it’s not a pass/fail test, spends for 25 minutes talking about how to “beat the test”. Let’s assume that the Caliper Test is a validated inventory for the sake of this argument. (I haven’t too

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Switch Careers NOW (from Any Career) into Insurance Industry QnA

Are you thinking of joining the insurance industry and want to start your career as an insurance adjuster? Then you must have lots of questions about this field, running through your brain. We are presenting you with the following article to help you by answering all the questions you have.  In this article we will discuss the reasons

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Insurance Adjuster Prepares for 1st Deployment

Hey, all the new adjusters! Have you got your first deployment? Congratulations! If not, don’t worry. We have got you covered! Jumping into anything for the first time can be challenging. I am here to make that super smooth. If you are worried about dealing with the first deployment of yours, don’t me anymore. Because

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Have you failed in your adjuster exam?? Don’t worry! It was just a test that can surely be given again.  In this article, we are going to help you out with this important matter.  WHAT TO DO AFTER FAILING ADJUSTERS EXAM? Sometimes you fail! Yeah, we all do at times and that is completely okay.

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Licenses are really important to work as a claim adjuster. You have to deal with laws and contracts and policies of the companies, which require experience and permission. Furthermore, you will be dealing with lots of money! I mean, lots!!! Money that belongs to the people, who file their claim at your insurance company. So,

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Downloading Xactimate for Beginners

Are you looking to become a claim adjuster and trying to find training online to get started? You are in the right place then. We are here to give you complete details. We will guide through the whole process of downloading Xactimate and get stated with it step by step. So, don’t worry and stay

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10 Bizarre Reasons Why Claims Adjusting is a Great Career

10 Bizarre Reasons Why Claims Adjusting is a Great Career   Do you want to know why the insurance industry is the best for making money and why people love to choose it as their career?  You are wondering whether or not it is a good career option for you and what claim adjuster jobs

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Claims Adjuster Jobs | 3 Enticing Ways to Become a Claims Adjuster

Do you want some working tricks to become an expert claim adjuster? Then stay here! We are going to give you 3 enticing tips to get into the insurance industry and to get claims adjusters job. Ready? Let’s go!  THREE ENTICING TIPS TO BECOME AN ADJUSTER In these three tips, you don’t need to take an exam, any license, or any course! Yes,

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Are you looking to work as a fresh adjuster and also you have got no training? Being an adjuster, you need a lot of training. The more you practice, the better adjuster you are. You have to learn how paperwork is done, how to read policies? You also have to learn that if the damage

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What is A Public Adjuster & Public Adjuster Salary

Do you want to know how much an Adjuster is paid or what is a public adjuster? Well if yes, then stay here! Because we are going to explain these two questions briefly in this article. Ready? Let’s start! WHAT IS A PUBLIC ADJUSTER SALARY? A lot of people want to be adjusters. And the question that is

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Easy Instructions to Work in Claims Adjusting

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