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Have you ever anticipated water damage? Do you even know how to go about insurance claims for water damage? Unless you’re a Moses at the Red Sea, a water rush should startle you and keep you on your toes as long as water damage is concerned.  Water damage can be very devastating, as much as

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Have you ever looked forward to storm damage? Do you know how to file storm damage insurance claims?  Unless you are a storm chaser, you are not looking forward to any kind of storm. Hurricanes, blizzards, tornado, hail and even insect damage are a menace. It is incredibly destructive.  It shows up in your vicinity,

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Drones in Claim Adjuster industry!

LIFE AS A CLAIMS ADJUSTER CAN BE SO MUCH EASIER! Fly over stress like a drone!!! I know how you must feel being a claims adjuster… Being one must be one of the toughest & most rewarding jobs on earth, right? I mean, the stress! Not to mention being at harm’s length almost every day,

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(Apply Now!) Melting Hiring Freezes for Claims Adjuster Jobs

Hey Claims Adjusters, you’ve been at home right? You’ve been wanting to get back to work right? You are not the only one. Insurance companies are ready to get back to normal just like you and I. This is a special post to help you re-launch your claims adjuster search. Please ensure you have a

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How Adjusters Work Under Quarantine (Will’s Story)

Rode around this morning (practicing social distancing) and took pictures of damaged houses. I found many.The beauty is I can work anytime. Seeing exterior damage is obvious. Homeowners don’t know what to do so I do a FREE home insurance policy review. And, then I educate. See, homeowners don’t know an adjuster has a tax-free

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Day in the Life of an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Day-to-Day Life of an Adjuster When I receive a claim, my first step is to contact the insured to set up an inspection date. I explain the process and how their policy might or might not be used to cover their damage. I collect photos (if available) and ask how the damage occurred. I will

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Getting into the Claim Adjusting Industry (Here’s How…)

Don’t know how to get into the claim adjusting industry? You’re not alone… there is no step-by-step curriculum out there to help. Here’s why… at least one reason is because every state has different rules and regulations to become an adjuster. Plus, another reason is that most schools and programs don’t have insurance as a

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Thank you so much for sending me an email!  I really love talking to all of you. I read EVERY email, but not able to answer all emails individually. 🙁  My sincere apologies for that (I do hope you truly understand). You can reach me by phone; just get on my schedule… BUT, below may help answer questions

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Types of Training to Become An Insurance Claim Adjuster

So, you want to be an insurance adjuster? You’re not alone. In fact, there are many individuals who are planning to become the insurance claim adjuster because they want to make $31+ an hour. That’s right! Life changing money is available and it’s an open door even without a degree. That means you can be

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Easy Instructions to Work in Claims Adjusting

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