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5 (Quick & Easy) Property and Casualty Exam Tips

Alright my insurance warriors   This article is going to help you pass your insurance claims adjusters exam covering property and casualty. In some state this is called the all-lines adjuster exam. The first time I took the (Georgia) exam, I failed. Embarrassing, but true.   You may not know this but, 36% of first time

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How to Deal with Insurance Adjuster After Water Damage

Did you know, water damage is the 2nd largest cause of insurance claims in the present age. Because water moves fast and can get into every crevice, it is hard control. Even a simple pipe leak can lead to some severe issues. The different types of water damage that commonly happens include: 1.      Water backup

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Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

Homeowners, the main reason why you need to file an insurance claim for your damage is to save you money. The average cost of a new roof is $5000. This claim can also be used as the base for other insurance related claims you have when your home is damaged. For example, gutters & siding.

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6 Good Paying Jobs for Women Without Degrees in 2019​

Many women have tried to go to school after high school but cannot all go directly to the university. Family problems, lack of money, unpredictable responsibilities, or career choice can prevent a person from going to college. In the United States, only 27.5% of the adult population has a high school diploma in four years. 

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Free Claims Adjuster Study Material

Want to take the exam but afraid you won’t pass on the first attempt?  It’s okay. You are not alone in this thought. Nor are you alone in your experience. We have heard horror stories of some failing the exam twice, three times, and even five times.  The goal of this article is to help

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Best Insurance Adjuster Training (Even If You’re Completely New)

Types of Adjusters & the Training They Receive It’s no secret…There are ambition individuals who are planning to become insurance claims adjuster. And here’s why: THEY WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY (How Much Do Insurance Adjusters Make?).  It’s not easy to become an adjuster, but it’s well worth it. If you think that you have

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Easy Instructions to Work in Claims Adjusting

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