The Best Insurance Claims During Winter

The weather is dropping… Snow generally creates conditions for outdoor structures like swimming pools that can cause substantial damage. So, the weight of the snow itself on top of the covers can happen. Ice can affect pools, which can be a challenging coverage issue, but it can be related to cover damage, but it’s very […]

HO 3 Special Form vs Other Policy Coverages

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A big insurance secret… modified homeowner forms. These are policies that are not quite, well, what they used to be, they have been changed. And we want to let you know some of the little nuances that really caused these policies to be different than what we’ve learned or expected in the past. First, the […]

Basics of Claim- What Information Is Required When Filing A Claim?

Okay, so it’s imaginable that business owners suffered from pandemic-related concerns, closures, and a significant loss of revenue. For pandemics and viruses, there are endorsements, policies, and coverage options available. Most people don’t have those type of coverage. But there are specialized techniques to insure yourself against business shutdowns, maybe civil unrest or civil authority […]

Tips for Taking the Caliper Assessment

Caliper Assessment

Is the Caliper Assessment Test Valid? (Read Below to Discover) The Following Text is a Comment From Reddit Discussing the Video Above about Caliper Assessment.  Says it’s not a pass/fail test and spends 25 minutes talking about how to “beat the test”.   Let’s assume that the Caliper Test or caliper assessment is a validated inventory […]

Downloading Xactimate for Beginners

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Downloading Xactimate for Beginners Are you looking to become a claims adjuster and trying to find training online to get started? Do you want to know more about Xactimate and why is it necessary when you want to be a claims adjuster? We are here to give you complete details. We will guide you through […]

How To Get Started As An Adjuster

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How To Get Started As An Adjuster Have you ever wondered how to get started as an adjuster even if you have no experience and work a 9 to 5? You may be asking yourself a common question… where do I go to get training and experience? If this is your only hurdle, then you’re […]

Claims Adjuster Job: What Comes Next After Passing The Test


Claims Adjuster Job: Just Passed The Exam… What Now? In this article, we will tell you tips to get a Claims Adjuster Job quickly. So, you have passed your GEICO exam? CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome! It’s time to celebrate then because it is a big accomplishment. But, don’t celebrate just yet since you have to learn […]

Types Of Claim Adjuster Training

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Understanding Types Of Claim Adjuster Training So, you want to know about claim adjuster training and want to be an insurance adjuster? You’re not alone. In fact, there are many individuals who are planning to become insurance claim adjusters because they want to make $31+ an hour. That’s right! Life-changing money is available and it’s […]

Free Claims Adjuster Study Guide

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Free Claims Adjuster Study Guide Want to take the exam but are afraid you won’t pass on the first attempt?  FREE PRACTICE QUESTIONS It’s okay. Anyone studying property and casualty insurance courses thinks about passing on their first attempt. Traditional insurance adjuster classes do not prepare you for the exam. We have heard horror stories […]

Best Insurance Claims Adjuster Training (Even If You’re Completely New)

Insurance Adjuster Training can be extensive

Insurance Claims Adjuster Training: Types of Adjusters & The Trainee It’s no secret… Some ambitious individuals are planning to become insurance claims adjusters. And here’s why: THEY WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY (How Much Do Insurance Adjusters Make?). It’s not easy to become an adjuster, but it’s well worth it. If you think that you […]