During Snow Hail!!! What Takes Place When You Need to File A Claim?

With a substantial snowfall at large, there is generally going to be some damage. We have already seen quite a bit of it. And most of it probably isn’t here yet because it has to melt before it creates some of the most common damage. How is that handled? So, the first thing that happens […]

A Checklist for Inspections During Insurance Claims

Let us be aware of an ounce of prevention!!!! What can you do to keep your best possible outcome when it comes to an Insurance claim? 95% of all losses come from the same area. Meaning there are only certain spots of the home where damages occur. And this checklist, we should be aware of […]

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Insurance Claim

Do you have some knowledge of a feature that most Homeowners’ Policies contain? Based on the terms of the policy, I’m going to bet that you’ve already lost it, but I can help, and you can fix it!! Okay, so the endorsement for the guaranteed replacement cost goes by a few different titles. However, the […]

The Best Insurance Claims During Winter

The weather is dropping… Snow generally creates conditions for outdoor structures like swimming pools that can cause substantial damage. So, the weight of the snow itself on top of the covers can happen. Ice can affect pools, which can be a challenging coverage issue, but it can be related to cover damage, but it’s very […]

HO 3 Special Form vs Other Policy Coverages

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A big insurance secret… modified homeowner forms. These are policies that are not quite, well, what they used to be, they have been changed. And we want to let you know some of the little nuances that really caused these policies to be different than what we’ve learned or expected in the past. First, the […]

How To Submit a Claim for Water Damage 

Here’s a little secret, you don’t just want to file a claim for water damage… … You want the insurance company to pay for your water damage claim. The truth is… they want homeowners to comprehend the risks that are covered by their home insurance policy. But, It’s nearly impossible. How can the average person […]

Independent Adjusters vs Public Adjusters

Independent Adjuster vs Public Adjuster

Independent Adjusters vs Public Adjusters What’s the difference between independent adjusters and public adjusters? Who do they work for, and when does an insurance policy holder need an adjuster that works on their behalf? Independent Adjusters Adjusters are independent contractors that work for the insurance company. Insurance companies keep a roster of independent adjusters on […]

How To Increase Claims Adjusters Income

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Increase Your Skill Level To Increase Claims Adjuster’s Income There’s a really good chance you can increase claims adjusters’ income with the right skills and being licensed in the right states. However, you must be a skillfully trained independent adjuster to capitalize on this potential income boom! Ask yourself, will your company value you if […]

Florida Adjusters – How to Become One & Is 6-20 All Lines License Needed

Hurricane Damage and Florida Adjuster Needed

How Do I Become A Licensed Insurance Adjuster In Florida? Florida Adjusters: You need a license in order to become an insurance adjuster in Florida. To apply for a license you must complete all prerequisites listed below and pass the required exams. Once you are approved you will need to pay a $250 application fee […]

Insurance Adjusters: Opportunities & Challenges In Insurance Industry Overview

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Opportunities & Challenges in Insurance Industry – An Adjuster Overview What are some opportunities and challenges in the insurance industry? The insurance business is undergoing changes as a result of the shifts from migration, technology advancements, and talent shortages, all of which are encouraging young professionals to seek a secure and fulfilling career path with […]