Insurance Smart Claim Tip. Answering your inquiries concerning a Claim or Damage

It’s my fault.!!! It’s your fault. It’s their fault.!!!! How does that work out with my insurance claim? Kind of interesting, we’ll call it a moral to the story!!!!! If it’s your fault, you’re usually in pretty good shape. Let’s just say the kids found the paint bucket and they started throwing it all over […]

State Farm Claims Adjuster Jobs Available

State Farm Claims Adjuster Jobs Available Hip-hip hooray! The #1 insurer is hiring. Doesn’t mean you’ll get the job, but at least they are hiring.  Apply Now so you don’t miss out. Here’s a little secret,  I haven’t spoken much about life as a claims adjuster since COVID19 struck, however insurance companies are ready to […]

How to Make a Steam Washing Machine Insurance Claim

Just kind of a funny story, but not really for the people that were involved. So, there’s actually a claim out there where a homeowner claimed damages from steam that escaped from a steam washing machine. Guess you’ve all seen the new washers and dryers that are coming out with these steam functions, great product! […]

During Snow Hail!!! What Takes Place When You Need to File A Claim?

With a substantial snowfall at large, there is generally going to be some damage. We have already seen quite a bit of it. And most of it probably isn’t here yet because it has to melt before it creates some of the most common damage. How is that handled? So, the first thing that happens […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Plumbing Claim

Got water? Can’t figure out where it’s coming from? When you have a broken pipe or some form of supply to your plumbing system that ruptures beneath the slab, the plumber will need to create access, meaning a cut in a hole in the floor to get to that plumbing. How does my insurance company […]

Sh*t! My Claim Got Denied!

I Have Been Denied! I hear this every day! So, you’re filing an insurance claim because you have water damage, wind damage, mold, something, and the insurance company comes back and they send you a letter and it says, “Really sorry to tell you, we’ve done our best but we’re not going to cover your […]

Floods! Understanding NFIP Direct Flood Insurance

Tis the season! They’re happening everywhere. The National Flood Insurance Program, and yes, it is a program is known as NFIP for short. The NFIP is basically the only place you can buy direct flood insurance. However, there are some secondary markets that will rate additional flood but generally, they’re still going to force you to get […]

How to Negotiate Matching w/ Your Insurance Company

Analyzing a damaged fence

This is your Smart Claim Tip of the Week, “But It Won’t Match!” I hear this every single day. Most people are under the impression that the insurance company owes to put it back and matching condition. And matching is sort of a thing of the patch or the past, however you want to pronounce […]

That’s Going to Leave a Mark

Summer time. Time to Grill. Here’s what public adjusters see on a daily basis… people have their grill or their fire pit, just a little too close to the house.  Look here, we’ve got a typical gas grill, set up not too far away from a vinyl-sided house, the grill gets too hot, chicken catches fire, […]