How to Negotiate Matching w/ Your Insurance Company

Analyzing a damaged fence

This is your Smart Claim Tip of the Week, “But It Won’t Match!” I hear this every single day. Most people are under the impression that the insurance company owes to put it back and matching condition. And matching is sort of a thing of the patch or the past, however you want to pronounce […]

That’s Going to Leave a Mark

Summer time. Time to Grill. Here’s what public adjusters see on a daily basis… people have their grill or their fire pit, just a little too close to the house.  Look here, we’ve got a typical gas grill, set up not too far away from a vinyl-sided house, the grill gets too hot, chicken catches fire, […]

What Adjusters Need to Know about Summer Home Insurance Claims

Right about now… Like you, people are moving outside and getting closer to setting up their outdoor living area. Where can the damage happen? The weather is perfect right…What could go wrong? Adjusters need to know it happens before the summer. That’s right. Snow is the culprit. Here’s how… Snow is the Culprit.  Snow generally […]

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

Did you know… The average roof cost in America is between $8000 – $10,000. Hello, everybody, this is Bill, The Adjuster, with a Smart Claim Tip that almost everybody has, mending a roof. If you live on a property, if you live in a house with a roof, most likely you’re going to have concerns. […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing Leaks

does homeowners insurance cover plumbing leaks

On the slide in front of your right there, is a picture of a pipe beneath the bathroom floor in a building on a slab. So underneath that floor is earth, concrete, and whatever else was filled in underneath of that floor. And when you have a broken pipe or some form of supply to […]

Entry-Level Claims Adjuster Resume… With Video Tips Inside

What Should An Entry-Level Claims Adjuster Resume Include? There are several things that should be included on an entry-level claims adjuster’s resume. First, is the title of the position. Next, is education. Then, experience. Finally, training. You want to make sure that everything is spelled correctly and has been done according to industry standards. If […]

Independent Adjusters vs Public Adjusters

Independent Adjuster vs Public Adjuster

Independent Adjusters vs Public Adjusters What’s the difference between independent adjusters and public adjusters? Who do they work for, and when does an insurance policy holder need an adjuster that works on their behalf? Independent Adjusters Adjusters are independent contractors that work for the insurance company. Insurance companies keep a roster of independent adjusters on […]

Top 10 Claims Adjuster Interview Questions & Answers

Claims Adjuster Interview Q&A

Before your trainee interview, become familiar with some claims adjuster interview questions and answers to position yourself as a confident candidate for the job. Below, we’ve composed 10 real-world sample questions that may arise during the interview process. The questions are listed in no particular order, and some may be considered ice breakers while others […]

What is a Field Adjuster and a Claims Adjuster?

Field Property Claims Adjuster

Are you planning to become a Claims Adjuster? or perhaps interested in the role of the Field Adjuster.   In the beginning, I had so many questions about getting started as a claims adjuster. All the options left me confused. Those options included:   Field Adjuster Desk Adjuster Property Adjuster Auto Adjuster Public Adjuster Independent […]

Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks (PUBLIC ADJUSTER)

Family Time at Dinner

Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks There are major advantages of being a property damage inspector that often goes unnoticed, or is rarely mentioned. If you like working alone without someone standing over and being your own boss, then check out how my morning routine went. I rode around this morning (practicing social distancing) while taking […]