Discover Your Dream Career As A Insurance Claims Adjuster

Frequently Asked Questions

Most state licenses require 40-hour course. You'll want a property & casualty course. You can find one here --

There are an array of salaries depending on which type of adjuster.


It also varies per company. Some adjusters make over $10,000/month while GEICO pays their auto adjusters less than $60. 


For the most trusted data on the topic read what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says about the salary of claims adjusters, "The Median Salary is $65,670 per year. (BLS.GOV). The median hourly rate is $31.57 per hour (BLS.GOV)".


However, during large storms and natural disasters, adjusters could earn $135,000 in just 4 months while others have made $1000/day.  Yet, others may earn $600/claim or $600/day. 


Again, this depends on the role and company. Experience plays a factor but new adjusters still make over $30/hr. 


The only way to know what YOU will be making is to get your license and start introducing yourself to hiring companies. 

We understand the excitement in choosing a career path and sticking to it. But the best part of a claims adjuster career is that having your license will open you up to every opportunity.

So whether you want to work-from-home, work in an office, or work in the field the first step is getting trained.


Yes, here's why... 


It's pandemic proof. It's Government shut-down proof (remember when that happened?).


Insurance touches everything and you can work claims from personal liability, to homes, autos, worker's comp, travel, banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, shoe companies and more. Even Home Depot hires claims adjusters. 



The possibilities are endless. The goal is to get licensed to show companies you're ready to start. It's illegal for them to pay you without the proper credentials so get over the first hurdle so when they are ready to hire you, you are ready to go!

No. Which makes it great for career changers who don't want to pay of a loan or spend 2-4 years to make a great salary. 

Xactimate is an estimating software used by a majority of the industry. Eventually you'll need it, but there are 8-9 other steps you need to tackle first. 

This is the best question you can ask. We understand you want to get a return on your investment which is why we give you a personal career coach to help you redo your resume, give you job alerts/tips, and FREE access to our course.


Our claims adjuster course gives you the 8-9 steps necessary to boost your job opportunities as a new insurance adjuster. We even set up field training for you and give you access to live trainings every other week (most on Saturdays).

You must have the attitude that you'll pass. If you think you're going to fail, then your chances of failure increase dramatically.  However, if start out with a positive mindset and do what it takes to prepare for the exam, then you'll be fine. 


The truth is most people don't pass for 1 of 3 reasons.  We can identify this reason speaking to you for less than 3 minutes.


As long as you follow our 30-day study challenge you won't. 

Start today. Every day that goes by is a day you're missing opportunities to have your paperwork completed with your state and with multiple companies. This means you're missing out on an abundance of income. 

We'll give you the right course to help you pass in any of the 50 states.


*Many providers don't show in Sircon. If you have any problem getting the license due to our accreditation you will receive 100% of your money back + $10. 

Insurance/Independent, Public Adjuster, & Staff Adjusters

***All 3 require state-license & adjuster training.***

Life As An Insurance Adjuster

Most independent adjusters are needed to work when damage happens. At times firms offer adjusters more pay due to demand. When Hurricane Ida struck claims adjuster went to work. Most of them to Texas. Tons of them. Tons. This left a wide-open opportunity for new adjusters.