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Finish in as Quick as 3 Days

Here’s How it Works…

This is the quick, lick-split, straightforward way to finish in just 3 days…

Now, keep in mind, it’s 100% on you. We can help you get work, but there are two things we can not do for you, we can’t take your test, and we can’t take your course.

Again, this is on you. YOU put in the work. YOU put in the effort.

Simple, right?

Now, let’s break down the ways you can pass the course…

Let’s say you are between jobs right now and you have a bunch of free time right now. Or, let’s say you are nearing retirement age and can take 3 days to yourself. Since by law, in most states, you have to complete a 40 HR course, you’ll need at least 60 hours to allow you 4 hours of sleep each day.

Start Friday at 6 pm and finish by 6 pm on Monday. Open your course and begin to study. Keep going until 6:50. Take a 10-minute break. Then reset at 7:00 and continue through the videos until 7:40 pm.

That’s right just 40 minutes…

Then take a dinner break. We suggest keeping the dinner break to 20 minutes. Once you’re finished hop back on the studies.

From 8 – 10 pm You’re going to study. Take a 30-minute break. Set a time. then you’re going to take a practice exam.

Now, you’re not done for the night yet. Next study from 12:30 am – 1:30 watch videos. Before you go to sleep complete another set of practice questions.

You’ll get about 5 hours of sleep on the first night.

Start studying again by 8:30 am. Then study for 50 minutes and take a 10-minute break. You will continue on this pattern until Monday at 8:30. Since you spent nearly 7 hours on the first day you’ll need 33 hours of course material to complete.

Adjuster hopefuls, if you start at 8:30 am you’ll stop at 1:00 am. You’ll do this on Saturday and Sunday.

Sleep for 4 hours each night. That’s right you’ll study for 16 1/2 hours each day until you finish. Be sure to take the practice questions.

Here’s the realistic way to do it,

  • Study between 6p – 10p each night. Rotate a 50-minute study session with breaks (10 mins). 4 Hours each day must end with taking a practice exam.
  • If you do it this way you’ll finish in as soon as 7 days. I recommend adding 3 1/2 on the weekends to finish in 5 days.
  • If you can stay up all night & day studying you can finish in less than 2 days. NOT RECOMMENED.

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