Estimatics Study Guide

The FIAC Estimatics Certification is Required. This course will prepare you for the 2-day in-person course.

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State Farm Estimatics


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Ebahi Ejerekhile

Public Adjuster

Hi, my name is Ebahi and I am a state-licensed public adjuster. I uncover damages inside & outside the home, provide FREE Policy Reviews to ensure proper coverage, and I educate homeowners on what is covered & NOT covered by their policy.

If your home, business, or commercial property suffered from a sudden disaster like a fire, wind storm, burst pipe, or theft then you probably called your insurance company before actually speaking with a public adjuster before your claim...public adjusters like myself manage insurance claims for homeowners to ensure the insurance company treats & more importantly pays you fairly because without me you'll only get $0.25 - 0.40 on the dollar for the repairs for your home.

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