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"It's easy for the insurance companies to collect money from you, but when you need them it can be a grueling process to collect money you need?"...

Look! Our 4 FREE guides teach you and your family about the insurance claims adjusting process.

- YOU'LL LEARN What Not to Say to the Insurance Companies
- YOU'LL LEARN How to Maximize Your Settlement
- YOU'LL LEARN What to Do After a Loss

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The #1 Question is, "what do I do if the insurance company won't pay". It All Begins w/ Where You Live. These Report Will Tell You Exactly What You Need to Know to Get Started in All 50 States.

Claim Adjusting License State Guide
Public Adjusters Learning The Trade

Reopening Truths: Adjusters and the Insurance Dance. What Insurance Companies Do to Keep Home Owners Out the Loop. 

Public Adjusters Hard at Work

Does Your State Support the Consumer Process for Home Damage? Learn How the Insurance Company Money Hoarding Affect Everyone. 

Want to Learn What Your Policy Should Pay?

It's no secret, few if any homeowners read their insurance policy...

When it comes to speaking to your insurance company have a professional on your side goes a long way.

Is there hope to help with your damage?

Just wait until you get your photos reviewed by a claims professional. A claims professional can review your photos and tell you based on your policy what you are old.

I'm Always Glad to Work W/Home Owners. I Was in Their Shoes and I Teach Them Key Skills
Ashely Severe
Severe PMS Adjusting

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No cost for a free 1-on-1 consultation with a licensed claims professional. It’s a win for you!

Yes, here’s why… 

The average home owner doesn’t know what they should receive for their claim. Due to the complexities of home owner’s damage and policy language working directly with your insurer is not recommended. With a FREE review the homeowner has nothing to lose. 

When It’s Too Late, It’s Too Late. We can help you, but once it’s too late, there’s nothing that can be done. Don’t wait, get your claim reviewed today. 

Yes, once you submit your photos, you can schedule to speak with a claims consultant at no cost to you!

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