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Here’s Why It’s Hard to Find Work (in the beginning)

how to become a claims adjuster

Hey, all new adjusters! Are you having difficulties in finding new jobs? Well, don’t worry and let us help you out. I will tell you why it is so hard to find jobs when you’re just starting out.


In this article, we are going to give you some job openings where you should apply right now and become a claims adjuster. Plus, we are going to discuss why it is so hard to find a job when you are a newbie.

Let’s take an instance; if you had to get your kidneys replaced, would you trust your mom or dad who has never experienced anything about the medical industry before, to do your surgery? Of course not!

You would want someone for that who is really experienced and who has done it before and who knows all the methods of a surgical process.

So, the reason why the insurance people want some experienced adjusters because you are not dealing with somebody’s health or livelihood, you are dealing with the ‘money’.  You are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you are also dealing with strong legal documents. 

That’s what the insurance document is. That is a ‘legal binding document’. You must know how to read it and apply it, and you have to do it more than once. You have to understand how to identify the image as well as the damage covered in the policy, because there is a lot of difference between various policies. 

If someone says, “My neighbor’s house caught fire and it caused smoke in my bedroom”. Now, most of the policies cover fire but not every policy covers smoke. And some of them don’t cover if a tree falls in your yard because people consider it as an act of GOD.

So, you have to figure out if the damage is purposely done or if it is caused by windstorm, hurricane, rainstorm or it was lightening or GOD’s act. Being an adjuster, you have to learn and notice even the minor differences including the exclusions and conditions. 

Did you know you can have an exclusion of a roof on a policy? Do you know how to take the pictures of the property? Do you know how to identify the image of the property owner?

So, this all is just like open-heart surgery. You have to know about the right ventricle and the left ventricle. You also have to know how to bind the wound and which medicine you have to prescribe. Similarly, you have to learn everything being an adjuster so you can get a good job and people can trust you because you will be able to give the best service.


This is the major question that everyone asks because people think that this industry is very crowded and this is the reason why it is hard to find a job. Well, that’s not true! Let us explain.

Not to mention, there are contractors, lawyers, and doctors out there who depend on adjusters to be at work. Most personal injury lawyers would not be in business if the insurance policy was not involved.  

Most of the companies run commercials on TV because when you get hurt or get an injury, they are going to look at your insurance policy and they are going to bill up to the maximum whether it’s a $25,000 policy or $50,000 policy or even more than that. They will look at you and will say that you need a 6 months policy even though you needed only 6 weeks policy. Now in property, when a storm happens; the insurance companies have time limits for people to get their payments and that’s why the industry pays so much. 

If this industry was crowded, the market would not pay as much as it does. 

Example: If we have 40 tornadoes in 6 hours across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, not only the wind but also hail damages the roofs and houses; the insurance company has 15 days to cover all the damage. That means everything including paperwork, pictures, and visits have to be done at a certain time limit. 

So, if you can’t handle that emergency then people will not have any trust in you and resultantly you will not get any job. So, instead of that bad faith, you should practice.

Insurance is like a foundation of ‘How the legal, medical, and property industry is running?’  

If the industry is crowded, why are the older adjusters still in it and why are they not finding any other opportunities?

So, the final summary is, the more you practice and get knowledge about insurance policies working, the more chances of you getting hired. And also, other industries depend on this industry because everyone wants insurance for their belongings. You can find more information about what is a Public Adjuster, and types of training available to become and Insurance Claim Adjuster.

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