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Stories of Insurance Adjusters Making Nearly $7000 from one Claim Are Real...

Studying Insurance Adjuster Salary

According To The Bureau Of Labor Statistics, This Is How Much Money Insurance Adjusters Make: “The Highest 10% Of Claims Adjusters Earn More Than $97,000.00” (Non-CAT Adjusters!)

How much money do insurance adjusters make, insurance adjuster salary

(Ask Any Insurance Adjuster How Much Money They Make During A CATASTROPHE DEPLOYMENT And Confirm The Truth Below)

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Complete A 40-Hour Pre-License Course

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Take The Property & Casualty Adjuster's Exam

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Apply For The License In Your State

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Insurance adjuster salary, jobs
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Here's What Adjusters Do...

How much do insurance adjusters make, insurance adjuster salary
How Much Money Do Insurance Adjusters Make? (Here's the answer...)

*** Auto Claim Adjusters earn $25/Hour +OT... Work hours are typically 60-70 Hours a Text Here

*** Desk Adjusters earn $25/Hour +OT... Work hours are typically 60-70 Hours a week (80 Hours during a Natural catastrophe)

*** Property Insurance Adjusters earn $35/Hour +OT... Work hours are typically 60-70 Hours a week... and Earn a percentage of the full claim amount ...

This is How Insurance Adjusters Get Paid...

Understanding Insurance Claims Adjusting

After filing a claim, the policy holder receives a claim number and an insurance adjuster is assigned to investigate your claim…

During a claim, the adjuster will be the one to contract you after the claim has been filed.  They may request to see pictures or their will come out in person to investigate the claim.

So, for example… 

if a home catches fire completely destroying a $300,000 Home The adjuster may earn 2.2% of that claim…

That’s $6,600 for the adjuster – just for one claim! 

The average insurance adjuster can complete about 3 claims a day

You may not know this…

but it varies per insurance company and the Independent Adjusting Firm that hires you. 

The 2 common ways are paid on a per-claim basis and a fee schedule basis which may include a percentage of the claim amount. 

Did you know, in addition to those settlement amounts adjusters will also earn a day rate or hourly rate.  

Ok so what now

You should know… 

Most states require you to have a license to work as an Insurance claims adjuster. 

For most states, an applicant must complete a pre-licensing course and pass the exam


Because, Claims Adjusters Must Have Knowledge Of How Claim Quotes Work, Laws Specific To The Insurance Industry, And Medical Terms, As Well A Good Sense Of Debating Skills To Be Able To Support Claim Figures (Study.Com)

Don't Forget How Much Money Insurance Adjusters make...

Insurance Adjuster Training Questions

After passing the exam, the applicant must then apply for a license in their home state.  

Once licensed in their home state, applicants can complete paperwork for the opportunity to gain licenses in other states without taking an Additional exam in that desired state. 

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