Licensing and Training for Claims Adjusters

Step 0: Your RoadMap to Adjusting

(Free 50-State Guide & RoadMap to Adjusting Video) 

What You Get:

  • Your RoadMap to Adjusting 
  • 85-min Roadmap to Adjusting Video 
  • The 50-State Guide 
  • Certifications Every Adjuster Needs 

For Beginners Who Are Unlicensed & have no experience. 

Step 1: Get a License

What You Get:

  • Done in as little as 3 Days
  • Self-paced course so you finish quick!
  • Video Training for Each Section
  • Online Reading Material 
  • Study Outline
  • 100s & 100s of practice questions
  • Quizzes after each section
  • Final Practice Exams

Perfect for Licensed Adjusters without Experience. 

Step 2: Get Xactimate Training

  • Xactimate Exposure (10-hours of videos)
  • Practice with Sketching in Xactimate 
  • Company Roster (List of over 300 Industry-Firms Hiring this year)
  • How to Download 30-Day FREE Trial of Xactimate
  • Live Xactimate Training

Step 2: Apply for Work

Gain an understanding of this complex job market with a face-to-face career planning session.

  • Hiring Manager Introductions
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Interview Practices
  • Career Coaching
  • Validate your potential by transferring your skills using a Resume Rewrite
  • Stand out with Adjuster Interview Practice

Perfect for adjusters who are licensed and may have worked a deployment but now can’t find work. 

Your Roadmap to Adjusting

Free 50-State Guide & RoadMap to Adjusting Video. 85-min Roadmap to Adjusting Video and Certifications Every Adjuster Needs

Get on The Job List