Do You Really Want to Be a Claims Adjuster?

Step 1: Desk, Remote, Or Field?

Which Style of Adjusting Is Best for You? 

Which Companies Hire for Which Positions?

  • 2 e-books and a step-by-step video on how to get started. 
  • Determine the best type of claim adjusting for you
  • Get the facts on-field adjusting vs. remote adjusting
  • Research the differences between insurance, independent, public, staff, and catastrophic adjusting. 
  • What is a Claims Adjuster ((E-Book))
  • 50-State Guide: How to Become a Claims Adjuster ((E-Book))
  • Learn the licensing requirements in your states. 
  • Roadmap: Beginner’s Guide to Claims Adjusting ((video))

Perfect for career changers who want to understand the process of getting licensed, getting experience, and getting work before they decide to dive fully into claims Adjusting. 

Step 2: Need a Claims Adjuster License?

What You Get:

  • Done in as little as 3 Days
  • Self-paced course so you finish quick!
  • Video Training for Each Section
  • Online Reading Material 
  • Study Outline
  • 100s & 100s of practice questions
  • Quizzes after each section
  • Final Practice Exams

Perfect for those ready to start their claim career and need a license.

Step 3: Have a License but No Experience?

  • Xactimate Exposure (10-hours of videos)
  • Practice with Sketching in Xactimate 
  • Company Roster (List of over 300 Industry-Firms Hiring this year)
  • How to Download 30-Day FREE Trial of Xactimate
  • Live Xactimate Training

Perfect for Licensed Adjusters without Experience. 

Finally Step: Where Will You Work? And Who Will You Work For?

Gain an understanding of this complex job market with a face-to-face career planning session.

  • Hiring Manager Introductions
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Interview Practices
  • Career Coaching
  • Validate your potential by transferring your skills using a Resume Rewrite
  • Stand out with Adjuster Interview Practice
  • FREE 40-Hour Course & Exam Training (if needed)

Perfect for adjusters who are licensed and may have worked a deployment but now can’t find work.