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According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there were only 349,400 adjuster positions in 2020. Be one of the few that grab one of these coveted positions in 2022.
You’re 1 of a select few to learn about this position. Your income and education will set you apart. This is a very lucrative industry. Start Now. It’s a simple process.


(Step-by-Step Guide) Your Road Map to Becoming An Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster

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Trust me… I once knew the feeling of working an uninspiring job.

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There’s no comparison! Don’t waste time on a 4-year degree. Earn above the National Average.

How to become a claims adjuster - State Guide

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Pre-license Course for Adjusters

Just the Course & Nothing Else. 40 Hours. Required for Field & Work-from-home positions.

What's Xactimate?

"Xactimate is the software insurance companies use to screw people... I mean pay people". Good Xactimate Writers can negotiate for higher wages.

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Not sure what to do next? Not sure where to start? Get Advice from Other Claims Adjusters. Ask a question you'll receive a response.

How do I Get Become A Claims Adjuster w/o Experience?

Like attorneys and physicians, adjusters must have experience to earn more.

It’s not easy getting started but here’s the simple way to get experience as an independent insurance adjuster…

…get training. Yep! That’s it. Here’s why:

  • Training gives YOU experience.
  • That experience gets YOU claims.
  • Claims get YOU money.


Here’s a secret… You will have to financially invest in training. Whether you pay now or pay later you’ll need to attend training.

Here’s the good news… Side gigs & other part-time jobs can help you invest in your as a claims adjuster. 

Don’t wait. If you get ready now, it’s possible you can earn adjusting claims this hurricane season. 

Yes, we help new adjusters get recruited. New adjusters benefit from resume assistance, Xactimate training, interview preparations, and more. We’ll also introduce you to employers with current openings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes and in every state. Works for:

  • Auto adjuster
  • Property adjuster
  • Catastrophe adjusters
  • Field adjusters
  • Independent adjuster
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Staff adjuster
  • Insurance claims adjusters
  • Deployments and more
Adjusting goes by many names. All of the above adjust claims.

Catastrophe Adjusting pays the most because there is a lot of damage during a catastrophe. Positions available work property, auto, and commercial claims.

There are 3 types of adjusters that can work catastrophe claims.

  1. Independent Insurance Adjuster (typically 1099)
  2. Insurance Adjuster (aka Staff or w2)
  3. Public Insurance Adjuster (typically 1099)


A 40-hour pre-license course works for the 3 types of adjusting!

This is the #1 question we get. Here’s our response…

Would you have a doctor operate on you without experience? Most people would say no. Likewise, most companies are going to say no to inexperienced insurance adjusters. 

Former Students

Dad. Late-Thirties. College Degree. Formerly @ Wal-Mart. Kwadani from Atlanta, GA. 

Mom. Mid-thirties. Student. Works from Home. Never climbs roofs. Lalita from Columbus, OH.  

 Mid-twenties. No kids. Works on Cars. Has a Big Truck. Tandem from Orlando, FL. 



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"As Project Manager of Luxury Contractors, I highly recommend such a great company as Major Adjusters. Ebahi is incredibly helpful in my claims process. Not only does she provide work for my team and I, but also help with other claims that I have for my business".

- Alain Oramas


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