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Here’s what you get:

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Just this once, treat yourself.

It’s well worth the investment; consider the money you’d be making. 


Here's what you get:

I get so excited when I get emails from my
viewers.  Our community is small so I’m doing everything I can to

Also, congrats on your interest in a very lucrative industry! 
Very few find it. Now is the best time to work on this as storm season started.


Because I am only one person, creating videos, creating web content, answer emails/comments, and building tools for new adjusters I’m not able to read lengthy emails however, I can take some time to speak with you over zoom… there is a
small fee for personalized training/help to grow an individual’s adjusting career.  


Stay encouraged; I made it affordable.

1-HR Consultation is usually $169 but because you’re a viewer I will reduce this fess
to $147 and provide a free resume rewrite. The last resume rewrite I did helped
get a newbie a position in less than 4 weeks. 


Friend, just this once, treat yourself.

It’s well worth the investment; consider the money you’d be making.

All the best,

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