1-HR Consultation w/ FREE Resume Rewrite


I have been able to get many interviews from the resumes I created, passed several assessments, and made it to multiple final round interviews. What type of help are you seeking for your resume? Do you need proofreading, editing, design, creation, etc?  And, so you only need resume help?

Do you feel like you will need additional help? Interview tips/practice?

I’d be happy to help once I have more information.  Now is the best time to work on this as storm season starts once it starts to warm up. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Resume review w/ Proofreading
  • Design & Formatting
  • Content & Structure, Keywords & Skills, and ATS Compatibility (to get through those bots that reject resumes before they get to the hiring manager)
  • Resume creation (plus, all the above) w/1-hour consultation

Just this once, treat yourself.

It’s well worth the investment; consider the money you’d be making. 

All the best,