Texas License or Florida License: Which To Choose

texas adjuster license

Texas License or Florida License: Tough Decision Texas Adjuster License or Florida Adjuster license is the most common and vital question. Licenses are really important to working as a claim adjuster. You have to deal with laws and contracts and policies of the companies, which require experience and permission. Furthermore, you will be dealing with […]

Claims Adjuster Jobs | 3 Enticing Ways to Become a Claims Adjuster

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Claims Adjuster Jobs: How To Become A Claims Adjuster Do you want some working tricks to become an expert claim adjuster and land a good-paying claims adjuster job? Then you’re in the right place! We are going to give you 3 enticing tips to get you into the insurance industry and find a high-paying claims […]

Thinking About Buying Adjuster Pro Course (Read This First)

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Thinking About Buying Adjuster Pro Course… The Least You Should Know Are you planning to buy the AdjustersPro Course? Stop! You must read this article and AdjusterPro Reviews before buying the course. You will be informed of all the details and you will be able to decide whether this course is valuable or not. I […]

What Does A Claims Adjuster Do?

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What Does A Claims Adjuster Do? Do you know a good-paying job that does not require a degree? Are you wondering what an insurance claims adjuster is, or what an insurance adjuster really does? Well, most people don’t know what an adjuster is, or what they do. Some don’t even know they exist! Yeah, really! […]

First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster

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First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster How to become a claims adjuster is the most important asked question for newcomers. The first step is always the most important one in any profession. This is also the same for becoming a claim adjuster.  Starting as an adjuster you need a lot of training which I […]

FEMA Disaster Assistance: How To Make Your FEMA Claim?

fema disaster assistance

How To Make Your FEMA Claim? FEMA offers different types of housing assistance to people living in disaster areas to help them cope with the disaster. First, you must consider three things when making a claim for FEMA disaster assistance, and they are replacement, repairs, and temporary accommodation. Replacement: Funds may be available for homeowners […]

Day in the Life of an Insurance Claims Adjuster

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Day-to-Day Life of an Adjuster Entry-level Claims Adjuster: When I receive a claim, my first step is to contact the insured to set up an inspection date. I explain the process and how their policy might or might not be used to cover their damage. I collect photos (if available) and ask how the damage […]

Getting into the Claim Adjusting Industry (Here’s How…)

Onsite Job Training

How To Get Into The Claim Adjusting Industry Don’t know how to get into the Claim Adjuster Jobs? You’re not alone… there is no step-by-step curriculum out there to help. Here’s why… at least one reason is that every state has different rules and regulations to become an adjuster.  What’s this mean? You have to […]

How To Get Insurance Pay for Water Damage

How To Get Insurance Pay for Water Damage Do you know how to get insurance to pay for water damage? Did you know, that water damage is the 2nd largest cause of insurance claims in the present age. Because water moves fast and can get into every crevice, it is hard to control. Even a […]

Roof Insurance Claim Process: Filing Homeowners Insurance

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The Roof Insurance Claim Process Homeowners, the main reason why you need to file an insurance claim for your damage is to save you money. Do you know the roof insurance claim process? This claim can also be used as the base for other insurance-related claims you have when your home is damaged. For example, […]