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40-Hour Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course


40-Hour Adjuster Pre-licensing Course is the critical and most important first step towards an Insurance Adjuster License. It covers all the essential requirements for an adjuster’s pre-licensing state requirements. To register for the state examination, a student must take an approved pre-licensing course. But first, we must understand what is an Insurance Claims Adjuster? What […]

Property and Casualty Insurance Licensing Exam Questions and Tips

property and casualty exam questions

Learn how to avoid failing in property and casualty exam questions. Don’t worry! It was just a test that can surely be given again.  In this article, we are going to give you property and casualty exam questions and tips on this important matter.  WHAT TO DO AFTER FAILING THE ADJUSTERS EXAM? Sometimes you fail! […]

How Much Money Does An Independent Adjuster Make?

claims adjuster salary earn more

How Much Money Does An Independent Adjuster Make? Notes: No guarantee  Varies from state to state & job to job Hourly, salary and fee-based How much money does an independent adjuster make each year in regards to salary and hourly rates? First thing first, there are no guarantees when it comes to independent adjustments. Every […]

Drones in Claim Adjuster industry!

claims adjuster studying for exam

LIFE AS A CLAIMS ADJUSTER TRAINING CAN BE SO MUCH EASIER! Fly over stress like a drone!!! I know how you must feel being a claims adjuster… Being one must be one of the toughest & most rewarding jobs on earth, right? I mean, the stress! Not to mention being at harm’s length almost every […]

Woman (33-64) Choose NOT to Work in this Government-Backed, Lucrative Career

good paying jobs without degree

Have you heard the news??A Good Paying Job Do you want to know good paying jobs without degree? If you haven’t I promise this is going to surprise you. And, I know it’s going to surprise you because when I tell someone this face-to-face I see the look of surprise on their face. Thus, I know […]

Your Roadmap to Adjusting

Free 50-State Guide & RoadMap to Adjusting Video. 85-min Roadmap to Adjusting Video and Certifications Every Adjuster Needs

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