4 Essentials a Claims Adjuster Should Bring to Fire Calls


When responding to fire calls, it’s crucial for claims adjusters to be well-prepared and

professional. below is a comprehensive checklist to ensure that you have everything you need:

Dress Professionally :

  1. Dressing: Present a professional appearance to establish trust and credibility.

Bring a Hygiene Kit :

  1. Socks: For comfort during long hours.
  2. Toothbrush and Toothpaste: To maintain oral hygiene.
  3. Q-Tips: For personal care.
  4. Water Mints: To stay fresh throughout the day.
  5. Warmers: Hand warmers for cold weather.
  6. Fire Blanket: For safety and emergencies.
  7. Pet Supplies: Essentials if pets are involved.

Essentials :

  1. Phone: Fully charged for communication and documentation.
  2. Water: Stay hydrated.
  3. Snacks: For energy during long calls.
  4. Envelopes for Receipts: To organize and manage receipts effectively.

Being prepared with these items will help you handle fire claims efficiently and professionally, ensuring you can provide the best service to those affected by the incident.

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