So, How Do You Clean Water Damage for Insurance Claims

How to Maximize Water Damage Insurance Claims?

BOOM! You open the door and water is spewing down the entry door frame. Have you ever anticipated water damage? Do you want to know how to maximize water damage claims?

Unless you’re a Moses at the Red Sea, a water rush should startle you and keep you on your toes as long as water damage is concerned.  Water damage can be very devastating, as much as it is sometimes inevitable. 

Here’s what happens when you have a water damage claim…

Untreated Water Damage is Dangerous to Your Home and Your Health -  RestoPros of Northeast Georgia

Worldwide Pipes freeze. Water damage insurance claim is one of the most sought-after insurance claims for homeowners like you; therefore, it would be smart to opt in for one t00. Grohe Water Security Survey reports that more than half (54%) of European households have suffered from water damage.  iProperty Management says that 14,000 homeowners face water damage emergence daily in the USA.

Let’s face the facts.

Below temperatures of 30 degrees water inside the pipe is going to freeze and push against the pipe. If it causes a split, the water will rush though. This will happen to supply line pipes that always have water in them. So… if you get a frozen pipe and water is  going everywhere. Shut off the water. 


So, how do you go about water damage insurance claims? Let us walk you through it.

You see, as helpful as water damage insurance can be, many homeowners don’t get their claims paid, at least on time.


Not all reasons fit into qualifying for water damage claims? Water damage claims could be surprisingly challenging to qualify, so it makes the actual estimation of the damage claim to be uncertain. But before the money comes you’ll need to establish coverage. Claims like this photo have been denied… 

Let me walk you through how it works.

Do you know that there are some tips you have to commit to memory to have an outstanding water damage insurance claim? Well, now, you do.  Always keep these tips in mind so that you can make the most of your insurance claims.  Check these out.

  • Don’t Contact Your Insurance Company First: First things first. Stop the water and clean up the damage.  Notifying your insurance company at the earliest possible time you can work against you. You first need to identify if you have coverage. Hey, you may need to hire a public adjuster to interpret your policy for you. They seem to have the highest insurance claim success. 
  • Keep Record of the Damage: You should keep a record of the proof of the damage – especially for your contents. use video clips, photo documents, etc. That way, you will have indubitable evidence for your claim. Always do this. 
  • Mitigation of Damages: Mitigation of the damages is essential. Don’t just sit and wait for the company’s representative to arrive. Try to preempt further losses.  Move surviving valuables to safety. Turn off the water supply if you can. These would affect your claims. They are emergency repairs. However, avoid throwing away things.
  • Assessment of Insurance Policy: Be aware of what kind of water damage your insurance policy accommodates. Usually, sudden or accidental discharge, sewer backup or water backup, overflow, flood, and a few others are the types of water damage claims. Go through the policy carefully. You may need even to consult your insurance agent.

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