Independent Claims Adjuster Fee Schedules: A Breakdown

Independent Claims Adjuster Fee Schedules: A Breakdown Independent claims adjuster fee schedules are documents that specify how much an insurance company will be charged for each claim for adjusting services. The insurance company is charged by the independent adjusting agency based on the indicated rates. The company then hires independent adjusters to finish the job. […]

How To Increase Claims Adjusters Income

making money in insurance industry

Increase Your Skill Level To Increase Claims Adjuster’s Income There’s a really good chance you can increase claims adjusters’ income with the right skills and being licensed in the right states. However, you must be a skillfully trained independent adjuster to capitalize on this potential income boom! Ask yourself, will your company value you if […]

The Truth About Insurance Claims Adjuster Jobs

The Truth About Insurance Claims Adjusters

The Truth About Insurance Claims Adjuster Jobs Insurance Claims Adjuster Jobs: The Truth. Most people assume that insurance claims adjusters make a lot of money. They’re wrong. Insurance claims adjusters’ salaries are not high, and not every claims adjuster earns a good salary. All the more reason why job seekers should learn more about becoming […]

What is a Field Adjuster and a Claims Adjuster?

Field Property Claims Adjuster

Are you planning to become a Claims Adjuster? or perhaps interested in the role of the Field Adjuster.   In the beginning, I had so many questions about getting started as a claims adjuster. All the options left me confused. Those options included:   Field Adjuster Desk Adjuster Property Adjuster Auto Adjuster Public Adjuster Independent […]

Insurance Adjuster Pay or Claims Adjuster Salary

Claims Adjuster Salary - Earn $60,000 or more per year

Insurance Adjuster Pay! Wanna know? … Really! How much can the Insurance Adjuster Pay or Claims Adjuster’s Salary? After reading this blog, you will know how much an Insurance Adjuster Pay and can calculate how much an Independent Adjuster can make per year? When a disaster hits, the Insurance Adjusters are the professional loss experts, […]

What is A Public Adjuster & Public Adjuster Salary

Public adjuster salary save and earn

Public Adjuster Salary: What Is A Public Adjuster? Do you want to know what is a Public Adjuster, and how much is a public adjuster’s salary? Well if yes, then stay here! Because we are going to explain this briefly in this article.  According to, “A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional that […]

What Does A Claims Adjuster Do?

good paying jobs without degrees - claims adjusting

What Does A Claims Adjuster Do? Do you know a good-paying job that does not require a degree? Are you wondering what an insurance claims adjuster is, or what an insurance adjuster really does? Well, most people don’t know what an adjuster is, or what they do. Some don’t even know they exist! Yeah, really! […]

First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster

how to become an insurance adjuster day 1

First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster How to become a claims adjuster is the most important asked question for newcomers. The first step is always the most important one in any profession. This is also the same for becoming a claim adjuster.  Starting as an adjuster you need a lot of training which I […]

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