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What is A Public Adjuster & Public Adjuster Salary

Do you want to know how much an Adjuster is paid or what is a public adjuster? Well if yes, then stay here! Because we are going to explain these two questions briefly in this article. Ready? Let’s start!


A lot of people want to be adjusters. And the question that is mostly asked is ‘How do we get started? We have no experience and also is the work available?’ 

But, first of all, you need to know, what is a public adjuster and how they work. Let’s see.

Now, when an adjuster is hired by a company, he stays excited for some time, and after that, he gets drained out. But, as a public adjuster, you don’t have to worry about that. You can go out on any day of the week and can complete your work. It’s flexible for you!

Essentially if you write a claim, which takes about an hour, you make $350. If you move up, looking to push people as a regional manager, you are going to make $500 on an average of $5000 damage, out of the claim.  

And being a public Adjuster, you are not looking for catastrophic causes necessarily; rather you are looking for tiles’ cracks, any kind of direct physical damage to the property. Some sudden accidents and policies are not included in policies.

For instance, there are about 2 million homes in Metro Atlanta. Out of the 2 million, there is always one claim every three years. That means there are 750 properties that get damaged every year which needs to be getting covered in their insurance. You can see a big number of public adjusters in the whole Atlanta area only, to help these properties owner with the help of their insurance companies. So, there are a lot of chances to get claims throughout the year. 

So, you are more likely to earn about $50,000 in one year! Why not!!! Jump right in and you will succeed.


So, now the question is what is the procedure and how do I start.

Firstly, remember that, each state has specific qualifications. Georgia is one of the toughest states to get licensed because you have to take a 40 hours class. But, that’s not that bad because you learn a lot throughout that class. 

The cost of licensing: It costs a total of $500 in Georgia. In South Carolina, it costs $200. Once you get licensed in your state, you get a reciprocal license. So, it depends as you can see.

Reciprocal license: In Georgia it is $80, in South Carolina, it is $200 and in Maryland, it is $52.

The process: every state has its specific requirements and system. Every state doesn’t have study requirements but they do have 40 hours class which is necessary. Then you have to pass the exam. After that, some states require fingerprint also.

After getting your license, you have to learn about writing paperwork, reading policies, taking pictures, and analyzing if the accident is sudden or intentional, and if the policy covers the damage or not. If you learn that properly, you will become an excellent adjuster!


A company fee in average damage of $5000 is 37 in $150. A claim adjuster working with the company makes 20% or $350. 

Only 9% of the claims nationwide are represented by public adjusters. So, you have tremendous opportunities to make money.

Being an independent adjuster, you can earn more than being hired by insurance companies. You will earn slow and small money there. But being an independent adjuster, you can earn $500 from one claim. And the benefit is that you can go out on any day of the week. You can take perils more than 10. You are not bounded or not pressured also you don’t have to give any commission to someone since you are working as an independent adjuster.

Every home in three years gets damaged and you get the opportunity to have that claim. So, you are going to have lots of chances to get claims about more than 600 claims a year and more chances of earning money.

NOTE: There is one more thing that only 10% of the damaged property owners will go to the insurance company to file the claim and rests of the others don’t do that. So, being an adjuster, you have to educate people about that and you have to teach them that it is for their benefit. You are not only making money but also helping out people when they suffer an accident. 

I hope this may have benefited you a lot. If you want to learn more, click the link below:

In this video, public adjuster John Mesko will share his knowledge and practical experience about being a public adjuster. Go and watch the video till the end. You will surely get some great insights from there.

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