Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks (PUBLIC ADJUSTER)

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Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks

There are major advantages of being a property damage inspector that often go unnoticed, or rarely mentioned. If you like working alone without a someone standing over and being your own boss, then check out how my morning routine went.

I rode around this morning (practicing social distancing) while taking pictures of damaged houses. There where numerous homes in my geographic area that needed direr attention.

You see… the beauty is I can work anytime I desire at pace of my choosing. And finding homes with serious damage is easy once you become a certified insurance adjuster, get the proper training, and have a little experience under your belt. For instance, seeing exterior damage to properties in distress is easy for me.

Most of the time, homeowners don’t know what to do when they have unexpected property damage, so I do a “no cost” home insurance policy review. After, inspecting the damage and reviewing their insurance policies, I give them option to let me represent to ensure a fair return from the insurance company.

Note: Homeowners don’t know an adjuster has a tax-free check available to pay for those damages. So, why not let a public insurance claims adjuster get you every dime you deserve.


Here’s A Public Adjuster Secret

A Public Adjuster gets a homeowner 576% more for their claim than the homeowner can get themselves. The insurance companies know that a Public Adjuster has the same computer programs &  know how to look at 23 covered items while an insurance adjuster only sees 7 line items for the same claim.

If you’re familiar with Xactimate then you know this is a difference that can add huge dollars to a claim. As you become an adjuster, you’ll attend training, certification classes, 1-on-1 lessons, and more. Going through this training you’ll spend $1,000s upon $1,000s on training. Some have spent over $15,000.



Property Damage Inspector: Major Perks (PUBLIC ADJUSTER)

Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Property Damage Inspector?

Maybe, to go out, measure a roof, and scope out the claim? Not Exactly!

  1. Public Adjusters do it for the homeowner that got underpaid by the insurance policy.
  2. And for the husband & wife in Ocean Grove (NJ), that got a check, but didn’t cash it; because they were looking for a Public Adjuster; and I’m reopening their claim, as soon as they get me their insurance declaration page.
  3. Or maybe for the cousin who is a nurse, that has been called into to the hospital so much, we haven’t had a chance to sit down yet.  Her daughter let me in, and I found more damage than they imagined they even had.
  4. Also, I’m working my Pop Pop’s former church, just waiting for trustees to meet, and vote.  Today, church was cancelled, so maybe they’ll have telephone conference.
  5. Here’s another client, who’s home got hit by a Ryder truck, called me for update in his case; I looked into my system and could tell we have letters going back and forth.


Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster Today

This would cost them $100s of thousands if they tried to sell years later without properly getting this work fixed. The original money from the claims adjuster would never be enough to properly cover the repair.

All Metro Public Adjusters have an internal computer system called Metcore.

We can see the process of our client’s claims and we get instant updates by cell phone when our client’s scope is scheduled.

A Licensed Public Adjuster can get work in different States by securing a reciprocal license.  We normally do not have to take test over or re-fingerprint. But we do have to get a bond in each State.  I’m getting licensed in PA, MD & TX too.

The possibilities are endless.

Public Adjusters - What they do and why you need one

Public Adjusters: What They Do and Why You Need One

Here’s the best part, there aren’t many steps to do this.

Last year, my trainer and friend made over $200,000.00 sipping coffee, eating cake, inspecting damage and giving Free Insurance Policy reviews.

These results are not typical for most Public Adjusters.

We estimate $40K for new Public Adjusters Part time & $90K full time, is more realistic.  This income is more money than most College Graduates will make this year. Unlike the college graduate the adjuster will NOT have to pay student loans back.

Our beautiful tools & training launches each P.A. (Public Adjusters) business swiftly. And guest what, I’m currently accepting new trainees to hire and train.

It’s a whole lot of fun.

Everything from… educating people, getting their damage fixed and getting clients tax free checks is fun.  Especially when homeowners get paid more money than they ever expected.

Real estate agents love us, because we can get 8 of 10 of their clients money for repairs allowing their clients to list their home at a truer value & close quicker.

Contractors love us, because we get homeowners money to pay them.

I also have a $250 referral fee program for busted pipes, busted hot water heaters, overflowing toilets that contaminates carpet or continuous floor, oil tanks that contaminate soil, and more.

But, there must be damage to finished area to qualify for this program and restoration services are called in by our preferred vendors.

Sometimes we see strange stuff, like sewer pump endorsement on townhouse on the 3rd floor, or no basement.

In these situations, we recommend them talking to their carrier to find out why they’re being charged for something they don’t need.

These are just a few things Public Adjusters do.  If you’d like to learn a lot more, continue to browse our site. Have Fun!

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Written By William Phillip

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