Holding a Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster License

Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster License Requirements

Do you live in New Jersey? Ohio? GA? Kentucky? Due to the fantastic lies told on IA Facebook Groups I decided to create this post to clear up the great debate/question: Can I have a public adjuster license and an independent adjuster license?

You see here’s the thing, Facebook is full of old adjusters who are waiting for work (i.e. a hurricane). While they are waiting for work new adjusters are preparing themselves & getting ready for the next major catastrophe.

As an IA I used to pray for hurricanes… I know I’m evil for that, so what.

Now, I pray against hurricanes to keep those old insurance adjusters out of work… LOL! However, I know I’m evil for that too, because it affects you new adjusters as well.

But the truth is, I don’t feel that bad because you new adjusters have another option…

Obtaining your public adjuster license

Not licensed Become A Claims AdjusterBecome Insurance Claims Adjuster Earn As You Learn

Think about this, a lawyer can work as a prosecutor or a defense attorney; at the end of the case they’ll both be in the bar sipping drinks together.

Why can’t IA’s and PA’s get along? It’s not the IA’s money that PA’s are after. Yet they bash the work AND the side of the industry that keeps them employed.

That’s right! PA’s create work for IA’s.

Not as much as a hurricane, but PAs definitely contribute to consistent IA work.


According to wiki.theclm.com (subsidy of iii.org) If you live in Kentucky,

  • Applicant cannot actively hold independent adjuster license in conjunction with public adjuster, or staff adjuster license.
  • Applicant cannot hold public adjuster license in conjunction with staff or independent adjuster license.

NIPR.com also stated this, so I will take it as fact with the caveat that I could not I repeat could not confirm this on the official Kentucky Government website.

What does a public adjuster do?

Most states differ… for example:

If you live in Georgia, the law, the actual law (Georgia Code Title 33. Insurance 33-23-43) says…

  • An adjuster licensed as both an independent and a public adjuster shall not represent both the insurer and the insured in the same transaction.

This means YOU CAN have both license; however, you cannot be the PA and the IA on the same claim.

I can testify that I hold both licenses.

What state do you live in? If you can hold both license and work daily claims and CAT claims would you?

All the best,

Ebahi “Claims Adjuster of the Year” Ejerekhile
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