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entry level claims adjuster jobs

Are you looking to work as a entry level claims adjuster jobs and also you have got no training? Being an adjuster, you need a lot of training. The more you practice, the better adjuster you are.

You have to learn how paperwork is done, how to read policies? You also have to learn that if the damage is covered in the policy or not.

Also, you should be in touch with new laws updates. If you don’t know anyone who can teach you all this, then don’t worry! We are surely going to guide you about that in the following article. You can also read this article which will give you more information. 

Let’s start!

Many companies provide their training services to new adjusters. So, they can produce better and educated adjusters who can handle the damage claims professionally.

They want such adjusters who are quick pickers, hard workers, and quick learners. They not only provide insurance services but also proper training and guide to new and fresh adjusters. So, they can hire professional and customer handling adjusters with good customer care techniques.


In this article, you’ll learn about 8 companies that hire new insurance adjuster without training. All you need is previous work experience and almost everyone has that. It will be best for those new adjusters who want training in full-time work.


They operate in many different cities and states. On the east coast, you have to report to the training Virginia. The salaries are based on your location. What they are doing is, they are taking account cost of living. For example; the position in DC auto MVP (management development program) pays $63,000 and in Georgia, it pays $44,000. They have a training program for the auto as well as property.


Have you been asked by GEICO to take a personality test? Watch this video to understand the GEICO interview process


If you are in the Texas area, this is very good for you. You can check their reviews on their site. They are providing a large number of training programs.


Everyone is told to get the Texas license. It’s true that its a good state to have but truthfully it doesn’t have the power of consistency. Wouldn’t you rater work from home anyway?  Keep reading… WORK FROM HOME opportunity below. 


Progressive is going to be wonderful for most of the people because they have a lot of positions, even more, the GEICO. They also offer many training positions all over the country. If you are in college, they have interred positions also. The salary is $46,000.



You may have seen some of their commercials. They have an office in stock state GEORGIA. The great thing about travelers is that they have a variety of training positions. You can do indoor or outdoor auto. They also have indoor and outdoor property adjusting. Which, you would decide whether you want to do indoor auto and or outdoor. There are many different locations of travelers.



You may not have heard about this site but they are the largest publically traded commercials. Once you fill-up the claim at Chubb, for a lifetime, they are going to look for some exclusive customer service with their program.

Their program is not called the ‘trainee program’ its Chubb associate program. Keep that in mind that when you are applying, they don’t have an assessment but what they do have is a video interview. So you have to get prepared for that.



They claim the training program of six to nine months. They claim to provide fortune to 1000 companies or 100 companies worldwide. There work hour rate is 35 hours per week.



They provide claims adjusters for ‘LLOYD’S OF LONDON’. You would love to work with them. They are in Southeast Charlotte North Carolina. Their training program is for two months. They provide housing and cover your moving cost also. Which is fantastic!



Check the link below if you want to know about this company.


I hope this article may have benefited you a lot and gave you the information you needed about entry level claims adjuster jobs. If you want to be a success adjuster you must have to take a training course. So, you can learn all the insurance policies very well. Also, you will become good at customer handling service, which is one of the top priorities of the insurance business. All you have to do practice again and again. These companies are one of the best-rated companies. You must give a try to any of these.

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  1. Good afternoon IEbahi,

    My name is Katharine, I recently acquired my 6-20 license in June 2020 for the state or Florida and interested in RSVP for the work from home right away webinar. I would like to know how to get to train with your company as a field adjuster.
    The goal I am moving towards is to become a PA in the near future. I want to learn everything there is to know to pursue a PA position and help others.
    I have been watching for the past 2 weeks YouTube Videos on Adjuster TV to self educate (I will tell you there is not enough time in the day for all I want to learn and watch and just get the right tools to complete the job requirements), I am learning from experts like yourself who are willing to give real life scenarios. Thank you for sharing.

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