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texas adjuster license

Texas Adjuster License or Florida Adjuster license is the most common and vital question. Licenses are really important to work as a claim adjuster. You have to deal with laws and contracts and policies of the companies, which require experience and permission.

Furthermore, you will be dealing with lots of money! I mean, lots!!!

Money that belongs to the people, who file their claim at your insurance company. So, you are supposed to be responsible while handling their insurance policies and for that, you need to get legally permitted.

Everyone tells you to get Texas and Florida license.

But why? Do you really know?

Shouldn’t you know why you’re doing? And, don’t you want some insight into the benefits of having the license? If you can only choose one, which one would you choose?

I think you should know which one is better between TEXAS and FLORIDA license?  Do you want the same? If yes, then stay here! We are going to discuss these two licenses. Ready? Let’s start!


The question that we receive mostly is, should we get Florida license first or Texas license? So, we will guide you on which option you should choose.


Becoming a licensed Florida insurance adjuster is vital for those interested in working catastrophic claims in this time of volatile weather activity.

All fees are nonrefundable. Fingerprint Paid to the fingerprinting vendor $47.05*


$24.00 – FDLE Fee

$13.25 – FBI Fee

$9.80* – MorphoTrust USA Fee

*Local Florida county sales tax may apply.

Appointments Paid through eAppoint


Application: adjuster or agency.

If you want to apply for an adjuster license: You must apply online by using Sircon.

The application fee is $50.

You must complete the application process within one year of passing the exam or the exam must be retaken.

The exam fee is $62. The fee must be paid when making an exam reservation. You can pay online by credit card, debit card, voucher, or electronic check. Payments are not accepted at the testing center.

Fingerprint background check: Most people who apply for a license must: (1) get a fingerprint background check from IdentoGO, and (2) send us a copy of the IdentoGO receipt showing that their fingerprints were sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety.



*Additional per/county $6.00 fee must be paid for every county in which a nonresident agent intends to physically transact insurance.

*Nonresident Adjusters do not pay a county fee.

State Exam: Paid to the examination vendor $44.00 – as of October 1, 2018

License Application: Paid during application process $50.00*

If residing in another state that licenses adjusters, you must hold your home state’s license before becoming eligible for the Texas non-resident adjuster license.


  • If you have money, go to the Florida license first. Florida license takes a little bit longer time than Texas. But, it is situated right on the coast. So, if a hurricane comes there is a lot of damage and you have more chances to get claims.
  • However, Texas license also has a lot of work so far. Including auto, hale and other disasters claims as well.
  • But most importantly, you should get the license of the state first where you live in.
  • It costs more to get the Florida license than Texas. If you have money then you should go for the Florida license first, because there are only three payments that you have to do for the license. (1) License (2) Fingerprint and (3) Appointment
  • The appointment is kind of a business approval that you need to work in the state of Florida and it is the only state that requires an appointment. It is for approximately $100
  • If you don’t have $300 or so to get the Florida license, then go ahead for the Texas license. (TEXAS EXAM pass rate is 40%)
  •  If you get Texas license, get Mississippi license also which is of $100

Once you start making money in the industry, you can go back and get all the other state licenses also, so you can have more and better claim opportunities to get.

NOTE: If you have the money, go for Florida license. If you don’t have, go for Texas license.

Why don’t you get Georgia license? That’s also a good option for you to start! Also, its pass rate is 24% better than in Texas.

So, you have more chances to get a Georgia license. Also, Georgia hits with hail, storm and tornadoes which is good for the claim adjusters. There is also lots of snow in the winters which causes auto and roof damage. Power goes out and tree branches are everywhere when there is a hail storm.  So, the more disaster takes place, the more people need the help of claim adjusters.

I Hope this may have benefited you a lot in getting your claim adjusters license. Go ahead and chose the option which is better for you.

Get your license and start working in your dream career as an Insurance Adjuster!

If you want to know more, click the video link below:

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