The Best Insurance Claims During Winter

The weather is dropping…

Snow generally creates conditions for outdoor structures like swimming pools that can cause substantial damage. So, the weight of the snow itself on top of the covers can happen.

Ice can affect pools, which can be a challenging coverage issue, but it can be related to cover damage, but it’s very possible when you undo your outdoor backyard, you uncover things you may find that the snow had caused damage.

Well-ground pools are highly susceptible as well as in-ground pools. But above-ground pools tend to be damaged more easily.

Wind often can create lots of things that ultimately will damage the pool. And if you’re not aware of the things that may have damaged the pool, you may actually be not looking at it as a covered claim.

A lot of times, you’re going to have branches that break through the pool cover and patio furniture that blows in the pool.

Now ground or in-ground pools are both susceptible to the same.

The difference is when the cover gets broken, it may trigger additional damage. It may trigger a pump to start running, and it may break a liner, when patio furniture goes into a structure like a pool, the glass may be contaminating the pool or those chair legs or that glass may damage a liner.

But there are complicated issues between the two. But often, they will create ensuing damage that should be covered under the policy.

So, tree branches go through a pool cover, tree branches that land on a pool surface. The sidewalls, the coping, and windblown debris in a pool tend to be a big issue throughout the winter, collapsing from the weight of snow.

Now granted, the weight of ice and snow will generally exclude the collapse of a pool.

Ironically, collapsed due to the weight of the snow is covered. It’s when they’re combined.

Now there are policies that even exclude that, but most do cover collapses from the weight of snow, and the Northeast corridor, and the Midwest, all had substantial snow this winter.

So it’s very possible when you go outside and there is damage from that weight of snow. It is specific in most policies that can’t be the weight of ice and snow can only be the weight of snow.

Shattered glass in a pool can ruin the liner, it can contaminate the pool, can ruin a filter, can be relatively expensive to fully clean out, so you have to be cautious.

Most of that glass is tempered, which can again be a little bit complicated, it can get stuck in the filtration systems and in the lines.

So, pool liners and covers can be $4000, $5000, or $10,000 but it all certainly happens.

So, oh no, it might be snow!

Please take a look carefully and understand that the winter perils may actually affect your swimming pools.

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