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How to be an Insurance Adjuster - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

how to be an insurance adjuster

How To Be An Insurance Adjuster – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. How to pass the exam… Free Practice Quiz
  2. Failed the test and am not sure what to do… take more practice questions Free Practice Quiz
  3. New to IA and can’t get work… Comment below
  4. Applied to rosters and still can’t get work? Your Resume needs work
  5. Would like to get to work faster than a storm – I can help, but depends on where you live so… reply with your city & state.
  6. Just found out about Independent Adjusting and don’t know where to start… read this
  7. Looking for a 40-hour course? If your home state offers a license use anyone but AdjusterPro (seems like many of my students don’t pass with them and they aren’t the most affordable) | If your state doesn’t offer the IA license use GA as your Designated Home State (better pass rates than FL & TX) and take my course.
  8. State Farm Estimatics Study Guide
  9. Need help with a Resume? Get a FREE Resume Review (disclaimer: this is an affiliate link and helps support the channel and my ability to give you more advice through YouTube)

These didn’t answer your question and need to talk? Or do you have any other questions not answered above relating to how to be an insurance adjuster? Let’s chat for 20-30 minutes.

Should you become an insurance claims adjuster?

  • Median Salary | $65.670 per year (went up in 2021)
  • Median Pay Rate | $31.57 per hour (even higher after 2020)
  • Great Industry – Government-Mandated – Pandemic proof
  • Lucrative Industry
  • No Degree Needed
  • Plenty of Advancement
  • Become Licensed in Less than 30 days

7 Responses

  1. 5.  Are adjusters who are not licensed by the California Department of Insurance required to complete the adjuster training? If yes, what are the requirements?

    1. Great question! The best route to take is to get appointed by a company like Pilot Catastrophe. You can work under their license.

    2. What do you mean by training? 40 hour course? Yes. Training. Yes, lots and lots of training. The more knowledgeable you are the better.

      1. Some states require a 40-hour course to get licensed. Training is to show you how to do the work.

  2. Hello, I run a small home remodel / handyman business. I am currently studying to get my IA license. Will I be able to be the insurance adjuster for my clients?

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