Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some questions that we get asked a lot. Most questions are about how to pass the property and casualty exam. The other is how to find work when you are licensed or how to find work when you have no experience.

If you have a very specific question comment below. We update this list when we start to get the same questions. Just found out about Independent Adjusting and don’t know where to start… read this

With that said, here’s how you pass the property and casualty exam.

Take a pre-license course. Sometimes known as a 40-hour adjuster’s exam. The course will help you learn the material on the test. After the course… take a lot of practice questions.

If you want to become an insurance adjuster you are going to need to pass the property and casualty exam. This exam is also known as the adjuster exam. There is a step before the exam.

    1. please note that you have a 50/50 chance to pass. It’s not the end of the world if you fail either. The test can be retaken.
    2. Take a lot of practice questions. Take as many practice questions as possible. Here is a Free Practice Quiz

What to do if you failed your property and casualty test?

    1. Reschedule your test immediately.
      • In some states, you can retake the test the same day. In other states, you might have to wait 2 weeks or 14 days.
    2. Study fresh material.
      • Don’t restudy with the same materials. If you failed once and use the same material you’re likely to fail again because you are using the same books, practice questions, and material.
      • Instead, find some fresh practice questions
      • Learn which topics are your weakness then find videos on those topics. One of these topics might be the homeowner’s coverage forms. This video received over 18,000 views in less than 8 months.
    3. Change your study habits
      • turn off distraction
      • Find a new place to study
      • print your materials so you can get away from the screen
      • Study more

Looking for a 40-hour property course so you can pass the adjuster exam?

  •  If your home state offers a license use anyone but AdjusterPro (seems like many of my students don’t pass with them and they aren’t the most affordable) | If your state doesn’t offer the IA license use GA as your Designated Home State (better pass rates than FL & TX) and take my course.

New to Independent Adjusting but Can’t Find Work… Here’s what to do…

There is work available for claims adjusters but just like any job, you gotta know where to find it.  Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you’ll find work right away. This is the biggest mistake people make.

As a comparison, a college degree doesn’t guarantee a job; an adjuster license doesn’t guarantee a job.

You’ll need to make contacts, network, submit applications, and hone your skills. Keep trying and you’ll get it. Without a major storm, this could take 18-24 months. It’ll take even longer to find something permanent with flexibility.

For example, when you have a State Farm job you’ll get deployed for temporary work.

In order to get those opportunities you’ll need to join insurance adjuster rosters. Lots of rosters.

Here’s a big secret, if you’ve been applying and you are not getting any response you have a lackadaisical resume. I know. I know. You feel like your resume isn’t the issue. However, if you’re applying and do not hear back, trust us when we say it is your resume!

  • Resumes are full of grammatical errors
  • Resumes are full of spelling errors
  • Resumes often have too much information about the wrong thing
  • Resumes often have skills on them that are not impressive. For example, “customer service”, “leadership” and “MS Office”.

The list goes on and on…

Your resume is getting thrown in the trash well before anyone reads it. If you would like to get to work faster than a storm?  Get a FREE 60-minute consultation with the purchase of any Resume rewrite.

Or do you have any other questions not answered above relating to how to be an insurance adjuster?


Should you become an insurance claims adjuster?

  • Flexibility to work-from-home
  • Median Salary | $65.670 per year (went up in 2021)
  • Median Pay Rate | $31.57 per hour (even higher after 2020)
  • Great Industry – Government-Mandated – Pandemic proof
  • Lucrative Industry
  • No Degree Needed
  • Plenty of Advancement
  • Become Licensed in Less than 30 days

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