Guaranteed Replacement Cost Insurance Claim

Do you have some knowledge of a feature that most Homeowners’ Policies contain? Based on the terms of the policy, I’m going to bet that you’ve already lost it, but I can help, and you can fix it!! Okay, so the endorsement for the guaranteed replacement cost goes by a few different titles. However, the […]

Basic Procedures In Filing An Insurance Claim

The Basic procedures in filing an Insurance claim From the time you report your loss to the time your claim is resolved, there are a few basic steps for filing an insurance claim. Gather pertinent papers (think receipts, original invoices, and evidence of ownership). Gather images and narratives of the event or damage. Familiarize yourself […]

How Do Insurance Companies Payout Claims

The Awful Methods Used When Insurance Companies Payout Claims Every year, insurance companies pay out claims upwards of a billion dollars attempting to convince you that they are your friend, your neighbor, and the one you can trust when disaster happens. For Instance, every year, the courts hear the case after case in which insurance […]

Pro Tips For Handling A Water Damage Emergency

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What Should I Do Immediately After Water Damage? Handling A Water Damage Emergency: What do you do if your house has water damage? The best thing you can do is to hire a water damage company to assess the damage, clean up the water, and make sure that your home is safe again. Water damage […]

FEMA Disaster Assistance: How To Make Your FEMA Claim?

fema disaster assistance

How To Make Your FEMA Claim? FEMA offers different types of housing assistance to people living in disaster areas to help them cope with the disaster. First, you must consider three things when making a claim for FEMA disaster assistance, and they are replacement, repairs, and temporary accommodation. Replacement: Funds may be available for homeowners […]

Water Damage Insurance Claims

how to maximize water damage claim

How to Maximize Water Damage Insurance Claims? Have you ever anticipated water damage? Do you want to know how to maximize water damage claims? Do you even know how to go about insurance claims for water damage? Unless you’re a Moses at the Red Sea, a water rush should startle you and keep you on […]

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

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How To Handle A Storm Damage Insurance Claim? Have you ever looked forward to storming damage insurance claims? Do you know how to file storm damage insurance claims?  Unless you are a storm chaser, you are not looking forward to any kind of storm. Hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, hail, and even insect damage are menace. It […]

How To Get Insurance Pay for Water Damage

How To Get Insurance Pay for Water Damage Do you know how to get insurance to pay for water damage? Did you know, that water damage is the 2nd largest cause of insurance claims in the present age. Because water moves fast and can get into every crevice, it is hard to control. Even a […]

Roof Insurance Claim Process: Filing Homeowners Insurance

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The Roof Insurance Claim Process Homeowners, the main reason why you need to file an insurance claim for your damage is to save you money. Do you know the roof insurance claim process? This claim can also be used as the base for other insurance-related claims you have when your home is damaged. For example, […]