40-Hour Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course

40-Hour Adjuster Pre-licensing Course is the critical and most important first step towards an Insurance Adjuster License. It covers all the essential requirements for an adjuster’s pre-licensing state requirements. To register for the state examination, a student must take an approved pre-licensing course. But first, we must understand what is an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

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What Is An Insurance Claims Adjuster?

You most probably know who is the Insurance Claims Adjuster. An Insurance Adjuster is a person who accesses the damages when you have an accident. They are sent by your insurance company to report and assess claims for damages. Their role is to overall assess the accident, and damage to the property, speak with witnesses and do their research. It is the Insurance Adjusters duty to ensure that claim made by the claimant is genuine. And, the claimant gets funds that are fairly based according to their insurance contract policy.

The Insurance Claim Adjuster‘s license could be the ideal career and, the gateway to great opportunities. According to Indeed.com, an Insurance Adjuster’s Salary is approximately $53,711 per year. We cannot deny the importance of the Claim Adjuster in the insurance industry as they are the front-line fighters of this insurance coverage world.

If you are looking for a great career opportunity and a highly rewarding job, Insurance Adjuster is the right career for you. A good and comprehensive Insurance Adjuster Course is very vital to getting the official certification. That is why the core focus of our course content is that students should not just memorize terminologies and meaning. We want our students to truly understand the laws and resolve the claims fairly.

How to get Insurance Adjuster License?

If you are trying to go into this bright Insurance Adjuster career, the 40-Hour Adjuster Prelicensing is the best and ideal course to start your new career.

Georgia Insurance Adjuster License has the following limited requirements.

  • Must be 18 or over.
  • Must have completed a 40-Hour Adjuster Course.


The license requirements may vary or change from time to time. We always encourage our students to consult the concerned regulatory state authorities for their current licensing requirements and guidelines.


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Why Major Adjuster?

Major Adjuster provides the best Online Insurance Courses in the market. Click here to browse all the courses offered by us.

Our 40-Hour Adjuster Prelicensing Course is 100% online. You have the flexibility to cover and complete the course according to your time and convenience. We have carefully created the content according to the regulations.

Our course content has been created very carefully by the Insurance Professionals. All the topics are clearly explained. At the end of each lesson, we have created questions that will judge your knowledge about the lesson. All our course content is exam-focused. We provide extensive products for exam preparation to enable you to pass your state exams with flying colors. 

40-Hour Adjuster Prelicensing Course Features:

  • Unlimited the learning modules and training examinations.
  • Interactive Learning Portal
  • Exam-focus course content
  • Multiple quizzes
  • Simulated exams
  • Online Flashcards
  • OnDemand Live Video Lectures
  • Get 1 FREE of Xactimate with Purchase thirty days

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is the special estimating software used in the insurance industry. It holds prices for materials and labor. It provides insurance companies and contractors an opportunity to have consistent pricing and estimates for losses across America. Our students get a special deal of Free 30 Days of Xactimate.

At the end of your online course, you will be asked to take 100 questions, a multiple-choice exam. In most states, you must correctly answer 70% of the questions to pass the course.

At Major Adjuster, we always encourage our students to maintain a 90% score or higher on all the quizzes and practice exams. Studies indicate that students who achieve and maintain high scores throughout the course have more chances to pass their state exams. You will receive your certification as soon as you complete the course.

We have made it very easy to navigate within the course and covered all the important topics. To keep you attentive in your online class, you will be given quizzes at the end of each lesson.

Please note, that there is no compulsory requirement to apply for this 40-Hour Adjuster Prelicensing Course.

We are confident that you will enjoy our course from begging to end.  

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