Expediting your insurance claim with the help of an insurance claims adjuster

An insurance claims adjuster can provide several types of assistance during your claims process, including: Investigating the claim: The adjuster can investigate the details of the claim to determine what happened, who is at fault, and the extent of the damages.   Estimating damages: The adjuster can assess the cost of repairs or replacement and […]

Insurance Smart Claim Tip. Answering your inquiries concerning a Claim or Damage

It’s my fault.!!! It’s your fault. It’s their fault.!!!! How does that work out with my insurance claim? Kind of interesting, we’ll call it a moral to the story!!!!! If it’s your fault, you’re usually in pretty good shape. Let’s just say the kids found the paint bucket and they started throwing it all over […]

A Checklist for Inspections During Insurance Claims

Let us be aware of an ounce of prevention!!!! What can you do to keep your best possible outcome when it comes to an Insurance claim? 95% of all losses come from the same area. Meaning there are only certain spots of the home where damages occur. And this checklist, we should be aware of […]

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Insurance Claim

Do you have some knowledge of a feature that most Homeowners’ Policies contain? Based on the terms of the policy, I’m going to bet that you’ve already lost it, but I can help, and you can fix it!! Okay, so the endorsement for the guaranteed replacement cost goes by a few different titles. However, the […]

Texas Property & Casualty + All-Lines Adjuster Requirements

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Texas Adjusters: How To Become A Texas Property & Casualty Adjuster To become a Texas Property and Casualty adjuster or an All-Lines adjuster, you need to pass the Texas P&C Adjuster state exam. The pre-license exam is administered by Pearson VUE, a third-party company contracted by the state of Texas, and issued by the Texas […]

5 Quick & Easy Tips To Pass The Claims Adjusters Exam

5 Quick & Easy Tips To Pass The Claims Adjusters Exam Hey, all the insurance warriors! Here are more hidden gems to help you pass the claims adjuster exam on your first try. Exams are stressful, I get that. You work hard for it and expect to get the best result for your perseverance. But […]

Property & Casualty Insurance Exam: Pass With 100% Free Training

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Property & Casualty Insurance Exam: Pass With 100% Free Training Do you want to pass the Property & Casualty exam with a free training guide? You see… to become an expert adjuster you need some good training, but don’t worry, Major Adjusters specialize in helping newbies pass the exam and get trained. Continue reading to […]

5 (Quick & Easy) Property and Casualty Exam Secrets

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Property and Casualty Exam Secrets: 5 Gems Here are 5 property and casualty exam secrets that can’t be found in any insurance adjuster class, and will increase the likelihood of passing your exam on the first try. Alright, my insurance warriors… Let’s Dive In! This article is going to help you pass your insurance claims […]