Insurance Adjusters: Opportunities & Challenges In Insurance Industry Overview

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Opportunities & Challenges in Insurance Industry – An Adjuster Overview What are some opportunities and challenges in the insurance industry? The insurance business is undergoing changes as a result of the shifts from migration, technology advancements, and talent shortages, all of which are encouraging young professionals to seek a secure and fulfilling career path with […]

The Truth About Insurance Claims Adjuster Jobs

The Truth About Insurance Claims Adjusters

The Truth About Insurance Claims Adjuster Jobs Insurance Claims Adjuster Jobs: The Truth. Most people assume that insurance claims adjusters make a lot of money. They’re wrong. Insurance claims adjusters’ salaries are not high, and not every claims adjuster earns a good salary. All the more reason why job seekers should learn more about becoming […]

Holding a Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster License

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Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster License Requirements Do you live in New Jersey? Ohio? GA? Kentucky? Due to the fantastic lies told on IA Facebook Groups I decided to create this post to clear up the great debate/question: Can I have a public adjuster license and an independent adjuster license? You see here’s the thing, […]

Family and Money: Claims Adjuster Work Hand and Hand

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How Does Family Money and Claims Adjusters Mix? Enjoyment for years to come is that breed of comical insurance commercials that the carrier uses to gain consumer loyalty. One of life’s minor mysteries is how the public insurance adjuster position never appears on-screen. Yet adjusters manage to arrive at the scene – day or night […]

Texas License or Florida License: Which To Choose

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Texas License or Florida License: Tough Decision Texas Adjuster License or Florida Adjuster license is the most common and vital question. Licenses are really important to working as a claim adjuster. You have to deal with laws and contracts and policies of the companies, which require experience and permission. Furthermore, you will be dealing with […]

Claims Adjuster Jobs | 3 Enticing Ways to Become a Claims Adjuster

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Claims Adjuster Jobs: How To Become A Claims Adjuster Do you want some working tricks to become an expert claim adjuster and land a good-paying claims adjuster job? Then you’re in the right place! We are going to give you 3 enticing tips to get you into the insurance industry and find a high-paying claims […]

First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster

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First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster How to become a claims adjuster is the most important asked question for newcomers. The first step is always the most important one in any profession. This is also the same for becoming a claim adjuster.  Starting as an adjuster you need a lot of training which I […]

Claims Adjuster Job: What Comes Next After Passing The Test


Claims Adjuster Job: Just Passed The Exam… What Now? In this article, we will tell you tips to get a Claims Adjuster Job quickly. So, you have passed your GEICO exam? CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome! It’s time to celebrate then because it is a big accomplishment. But, don’t celebrate just yet since you have to learn […]

FEMA Disaster Assistance: How To Make Your FEMA Claim?

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How To Make Your FEMA Claim? FEMA offers different types of housing assistance to people living in disaster areas to help them cope with the disaster. First, you must consider three things when making a claim for FEMA disaster assistance, and they are replacement, repairs, and temporary accommodation. Replacement: Funds may be available for homeowners […]

Water Damage Insurance Claims

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How to Maximize Water Damage Insurance Claims? Have you ever anticipated water damage? Do you want to know how to maximize water damage claims? Do you even know how to go about insurance claims for water damage? Unless you’re a Moses at the Red Sea, a water rush should startle you and keep you on […]